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Unique II HD lens

High definition lens fitted just for you

Be Unique in your modern world.

Highly customised to your reading habits.

Through a new series of measurements Kodak Unique II HD Lens is customized to your frame tendencies and optimized for your reading habits

Dynamic Reading Optimization

Dynamic Reading Optimization™ improves the overall optical performance of the lens while significantly reducing oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area. The best performance in the viewing distance is reached by localizing the necessary adjustments. To better target the needed corrections for each viewing area, software splits the lens into three areas: distance, intermediate and near


Once individual viewing areas are adjusted, the three areas are merged back to create a highly optimized viewing experience. This technology greatly reduces off-axis viewing, allowing the eyes to focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.

Special Curve Control

With the introduction of special curve control within the reading area, Kodak Unique II Lenses are less bulbous with a reduced plate height resulting in a flatter, more cosmetically pleasing appearance


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