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Intro lens

Make the transition to progressives an easy experience

Enhanced vision in all viewing areas.

Intro Lens provides superior vision by integrating sophisticated optical qualities into the lens.

Kodak Intro Lens is designed in such a way to allow the viewing areas near, intermediate and distance to work in precise harmony for a more natural wearing experience. This makes the transition from single vision lenses an easy and pleasant experience

Kodak Intro Lenses viewing areas work together smoothly to provide:

Natural head and eye movement for up close activities, smooth transition from far to near with clear mid-range vision, and broad clear distance vision

Traditional Progressive Lens

KODAK Intro Lens

Vision First Design

KODAK Intro Lens has been 'digitally' designed using Vision First Design™ which defines the optical qualities for superb vision


With the introduction of special curve control within the reading area, Kodak Intro Lenses are less bulbous with a reduced plate height resulting in a flatter, more cosmetically pleasing appearance. The Intro Lens has been scientifically developed to minimize blurring or the 'swim' sensation associated with traditional progressive lenses


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