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Easy lens

Selecting progressive lenses just a got a whole lot easier

Easy adaptation from your old lenses.

With the Kodak Easy Lens, switching from your old lenses is a breeze.

Kodak Easy Lenses utilize the very latest in lens design technology to create a experience. With wider reading and intermediate distance areas than a traditional progressive lens, the Easy Lens promotes natural head and eye movement, which allows for easy and effortless adaptation to varifocal lenses. Easy Lenses are also digitally produced, which means they can be fitted to a wide range of frames

Kodak Precise Lenses viewing areas work together smoothly to provide:

Softer transition between powers promote natural head and eye movements, and are suitable for a wide range of frame choices

Traditional Progressive Lens

KODAK Easy Lens

Special Curve Control

With the introduction of special curve control within the reading area, Kodak Easy Lenses are less bulbous with a reduced plate height resulting in a flatter, more cosmetically pleasing appearance


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